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Rincevent is a software that allows you to learn in a non-monotonous manner, all day long, wherever you are. Learn vocabulary, a foreign language, mathematical formulas, the names of monuments (with images), musical notes (with sound). You can learn all the day long with a small pop-up window that regularly appears on your screen, and later, to learn more intensively in multiple choice mode.

A alternative version called Rincevent++ (in WPF) and an iPhone version is currently also in development.

This version of Rincevent has been uploaded to CodePlex because from now I will spend more time working on Rincevent++ and its iPhone derivative (it's totally a different concept, that's why it's not called Rincevent 2.x). I will therefore only fix the bugs if there are any, but I will probably add new features later anyway. Feel free to make it better too, it needs new ideas and new modules! Don't hesitate to contact me, here :
  • Main interface
  • MiniWindow (to learn throughout the day)
  • Quizz module (exam and brute force learning)
  • Settings

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